George “Geo” Bellas: Fighting for the rights of small business owners and their families in Illinois

About Me: I’m George “Geo” Bellas, a passionate business litigation attorney sharing my experience in trial law.  I am the Principal and Senior Partner of Bellas & Wachowski – Attorneys at Law, based in Park Ridge, Illinois. I fight for the rights of business owners.  All of my clients are small businesses and owners of small businesses.

Lawyers protect rights and freedoms.  That is what I do for a living, and I am proud of it.  A lawyer is just one piece to the trial process, and the entire trial process is important to our ordered society. The trial process seeks the truth, which is ultimately defined by 12 ordinary citizens who listen to both sides of the case and decide what is right and what is wrong.

Each time a jury awards compensation to an injured person, it is speaking for the individual person against interests which otherwise would not be held accountable.  It is lawyers, such as myself, who stand with the individual in court seeking to hold others accountable. The system as a whole is not perfect, but it does attempt to achieve justice through a process that has as its ultimate goal seeking of truth. I am proud to be a lawyer.

My goal is simple: To provide thorough, decisive and affordable legal services that optimize outcomes for my clients.

Make no mistake about it, there is nothing in common between small business and big business interest.  When a small business is involved in litigation with a big business,  the playing field is not equal because the party with the deeper pockets is often the successful litigant. I try to level the playing field by operating on a shoestring budget.  I am always striving to find creative and economical alternatives to litigation, and I do my work as economically feasible as possible.

Changing with the times is an essential part of successful law practice and successful litigation.  Technology, Social, Mobile, and the economy have shifted the legal landscape forever. It is essential for lawyers and business owners to understand and utilize technology.  I am committed to educating others about the changing legal landscape. I am well known for my exemplary use of technology, both in and out of the courtroom