How We Operate Our Business is Changing

How We Operate Our Business is ChangingTime-for-Change-300x200

The technological revolution that has enveloped our society has made technology an important part of our lives.  The use of computers and information technology has become an integral part of business, and it is doubtful there will ever be a return to traditional methods of conducting business.  The efficiency to conduct business, to provide products and services at a faster, more efficient rate, has radically changed how we do business.  Effective use of technology can be helpful to every business, large and small.

This trend towards increased use of technology will not diminish and will only increase.  Technology is affecting the way you work and where you work. With the rise of mobile and cloud computing, business owners can work and manage their  businesses from anywhere. For example, 50% of workers check email on the weekends and 34% check email while on vacation? The good news is that technology has increased our productivity by over 400% since 1950.

As the speed of computers increases (remember Moore’s Law), so will the changes in how we do business.  These changes will also affect many aspects of traditional businesses:

  • Computers allow us to telecommute, create virtual workplaces, and outsource business across the seas.  Even the federal government is allowing telecommuting for many of its employees and services.
  • We will need specialized application for each business, and this will require us to develop and produce applications that increase our business operations and profitability.  This means that we have to hire the necessary experts to provide those services.
  • Many of the jobs that students are being trained for today in colleges, do not currently exists.  We are training students to work in jobs that have not yet been created.
  • We have heard the term “globalization, and many of us think that it does not affect us.  However, we can now transact  businesses with other businesses or individuals, all over the world.  We can now purchase and order all types of services, from companies throughout the globe, that will assist us in our business operations.

Every business must consider and reconsider every aspect of its business operations to determine how things can be done more efficiently and more profitably in order to provide the best possible services to its customers.  Where does your business fit into this new paradigm?